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Zypho shower waster water heat recovery
Zypho shower waste water heat recovery improves SAP Score

Improves SAP Score

Zypho® gives property developers, landlords and homeowners an easy way to save energy, reduce fuel bills and earn cost-effective SAP points.

Zypho waster water heat recovery saves carbon and energy cost of around £450/year

Saves Carbon and Money

Our patented technology recovers heat from out-going shower water, using it to pre-heat the incoming fresh water. Energy recovery rates of more than 80% are achievable. Massive savings of 1,500 kWh / year equate to around £450 / year for an average household.

Zypho is easy to install with no maintenance needed

Easy to Install, Fit and Forget

Easy to install, with no mains connection, batteries or maintenance needed, Zypho® is an eco home hero.

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Shower Water Heat Recovery for New and Existing Buildings

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