Smart sensors for accurate home monitoring, prediction and protection.

Making Homes Really Smart

Zap IoT sensors bring the smart home to life. They offer a range of functionality, with connectivity back to a central hub. Born out of a focus on sensing mould-growth conditions, Zap IoT extends to monitoring many areas of the home, including leak detection and energy usage.

Place Anywhere.

No plug, No Wi-Fi

Zap IoT units are designed to be placed anywhere. They do not need to plug in or use local wi-fi. Broadcasting local conditions, they can monitor anywhere there is a mobile phone signal. Our ultra-low power electronics enable running for up to 10 years from a single battery. They just keep on working, always monitoring for possible alerts back to base.

Custom Data Visualisation

With many differing customer requirements, Zap IoT offers customised dashboards to larger volume customers. Our in-house team is able to work with your IT department to give the perfect data-viz solution for your needs.

Comprehensive Property Health Solutions

Shower Water Heat Recovery for New and Existing Buildings

Accurate Home Monitoring, Prediction and Protection

Low-impact Homes Heated by Nature