Comprehensive property health solutions.

Safer Homes for Residents

The HealthyHomes programme helps landlords ensure that residents have safe, energy-efficient and mould-free homes.

Experienced Home Health Specialists

Over a decade of experience in home health has made us sought-after specialists in the field. To date, we have assessed over 23,000 homes, cleaned over 185,000 surfaces and installed over 16,000 sensors.

Trusted by Britain’s Housing Associations

We have partnerships with multiple UK housing associations, helping them achieve better living standard for thousands of residents.

A holistic approach to healthier housing

This piece in Inside Housing magazine explains how we work with housing associations to make real, lasting improvements to living conditions in tenanted properties, and how we’re on a mission to empower residents to stamp out damp and mould. Read the article here >>

Comprehensive Property Health Solutions

Shower Water Heat Recovery for New and Existing Buildings

Accurate Home Monitoring, Prediction and Protection

Low-impact Homes Heated by Nature